Movin’ On Up!

The last week has seen our little community grow by about 30%, and the actual server activity has grown significantly.  We’ve also opened a test server thanks to a generous donation from one of our patrons, Crushinkill, which is allowing us to iron out the kinks with our latest round up systems improvements BEFORE rolling them onto the live server, so there’s hopefully less down time and fewer bugs, hitches, glitches, and so on. This has all been huge, and it’s all contributed to the most amazing development:

Our rankings on have elevated us all the way to #50.  We were excited to be in the top 100, but this is just absolutely mind-blowing. To celebrate, and to offer thanks to our players, we’re offering double XP all weekend, as well as some different fun boosts for all players, should we reach some population milestones over the weekend! Details can be found on Discord. If you need to join up to get into that link, feel welcome to click here to sign up. Note that you’ll need to agree to the community guidelines and opt into Conan information in order to see the specific information.

This week on the live server, we’ve had to scrap a lot of progress on the dungeons that were underway, due to some changes in how under-world meshes were causing AI to behave, but we’ve also made navigation around the island a little easier, by adding guideposts to find each city, and we’ve added two fun new merchants. First, in Crimson Sands, we have Raikka, who is our new collectable pet vendor!  Raikka trade in crowns, found in pirate treasure and some dungeon loot, in exchange for playful pets that allow you to add your favorite animal companions to your bases, without needing to consume a precious Follower slot for your clan. High level purchases from Raikka ALSO have a chance to deliver some very cool exclusive combat pets that cannot be found or tamed anywhere else!  Get out there and get to treasure-hunting, Exiles!  Second is Wu-Jin, in Xander’s Refuge.  Wu-Jin is one of the island’s leading scholars in the nature of the storm, the tower, and the strange creatures belching forth from the Maelstrom, and he’s unlocked a method for converting lesser and unstable mysterious essences into greater essences!  The conversion isn’t perfect, and some of the chaotic energy is lost in the transfer, but the more pure materials, when used at a leyshrine, are much faster to charge the machines of the Elder Races, giving you more time between storms to capture and transport your vict- visitors.

It’s an exciting time at Refugees of the Torn Veil!  If you’ve been away for a while, or haven’t yet come to join us, now is a GREAT time!  Jump in and come join in as the foundations of our first major story arc are laid and begin to reveal themselves!

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