These are our exclusive, tailor-made RPG systems, including a guide for character creation, detail for game systems, explanations, and examples. This is currently a living document, with regular updates, clarifications, and errata. Questions, updates, and clarifications can be found on Discord in the #rpg-system channel as we rapidly move toward a completed, final release.

These are a collection of guides on the game itself or our server’s mods as well ashow to accomplish your various goals in Conan Exiles.

Below will be a growing collection of articles and pages intended to help with Conan Exiles, to create thoughtful, considerate roleplay in ways to help all of our players enjoy a more immersive, enjoyable world together. As more guides and tools are created, they’ll be added here to serve as a single, useful tool for all. Wherever possible, the original authors will be credited both here and in the guide documents. If any of your content appears here and you would like it updated, removed, or credits changed, please contact any member of the staff on Discord to let us know.

These are a selection of questions to ask oneself when making a character, to help to determine who your character is, their motivations for adventuring, and the little oddities of their personalities that make each character unique and meaningful.