Setbacks and Steps Forward

For the last three weekends, I’ve been trying to push out our final big update, implement our endgame systems mod, and replace some of our older stuff with shinier, newer things. This has been met with broken server configurations, bugs, deprecated mods, and a number of different things that have come up to delay the rollout of this update–and given both the size and importance of this particular body of work, I want to make sure that I’m getting it right.  Progres is happening though!  We’re very close to having the system all worked out, and we’re moving some of the stuff we have been working on from purely in-game assets–which hurts load times, lag, and the sort–to having some of those resources on the website and in both a printable and downloadable form. With luck, at least THAT body of work will be ready for the weekend!

Another big thing is that Tuesday, I start back to school. Some 20 years ago, I started school to become a meteorologist, and that career has just not panned out, so now I’m headed for a new degree that should open more opportunities for work. It’s going to be taking up a huge chunk of time and will curtail the amount of time I can work on new things for the server, BUT part of this weekend’s planned not-in-game-but-definitely-important updates will include some job postings for the server itself. Check out Discord for details on those things, Sunday afternoon.

Regardless of just how fast we’re able to get it out, we’ve got big things coming–but the most important part is you. Our players are what make the game, more than anything that the staff or I could cook up. The biggest things we can get as help right now are share the server with a friend.  Roleplay with other people–break out of your clans and make connections with new friends and enemies across the island. Explore. Test things. Break things! (and hopefully, pretty please, let us know about the broken things so we can fix ’em!)  You are all a magnificent part of this world, and your being here means the world to me, and to the team. More than absolutely anything else, thank you for being here and sharing your characters and your stories with us. This is going to be a helluva ride, and I’m thrilled to take you with us!

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