Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, and with it come a load of new additions to the game!  Just last week, Funcom released the new Siptah 2.2 patch, that’s brought us updates and fixes from material dating all the way back to the original game’s Early Access, and some new fixes for map glitches that are only a few months old. Overall, this has been a HUGE effort from the team at Funcom, and it’s a huge improvement all the way around. Included in this patch are an all new Stamina system for weapons, running, and climbing, as well as a whole new shield system that makes for a much more active feeling for combat. Now, you really have to consider your armor type as part of your fighting engagements, but conversely, your armor no longer hurts your ability to climb. Shields limit how quickly your stamina regenerates, and getting your shield pounded upon can deplete your stamina, too!  Overall, this new system makes combat feel much more like give-and-take, and adds just a teensy bit more depth to fighting in both PVP and PVE, but just that little pinch of flavor has improved the overall taste a huge amount.

Of course, with any update, this has added some weirdness for our mods, and it took us a couple of days for enough things to get updated for us to bring the server back online, but–we’re back!  There’s still a couple of mod updates coming in the next few days, but those will be minutes-long downtimes, as opposed to days. With this behind us, and with holidays done, it means we’re in an amazing place to start creating holidays and events of our own! To help facilitate that, we’re adding a group of new features to help all of our players to tell more meaningful stories, to guide their own adventures, and start molding the world more fully with their actions. These include:

  • New Events system/events calendar in Discord.  This is fully usable by any of our members to throw events IC, to host guided story sessions, or even coordinate some PVP or PVE activities with their fellow players. You can access this in the Discord with $create command, with the full feature detailed in the Sesh Bot Manual.
  • New Dice System. (Coming in just a few days!) This new system introduces a fully classless character advancement system that will let you tailor your character’s attributes, abilities, and feats completely agnostic from the game’s mechanics, which will in turn let you engage the game with SO much more depth than ever before, in the form of social, mental, political, and magical actions that were never available within the original scope of the game. This system is also AMAZINGLY simple, so that it’s never quite necessary to have a DM or an Admin–ANYONE can pick this system up and become a Storyteller, advancing the game for other characters through IC, PVE, or PVP activities.
  • New Quest System. That’s right–we’re not just interested in seeing the quests I’M writing. Instead, we’re opening up the quest creation and editing for all of our players. Think that a questline with angry fishmen invading the island could be fun?  Do you want people to be able to complete a series of quests to help them learn about your clan–or to help major, meaningful, progressive NPC’s in your camp to overcome their own challenges through player interaction? The only limits are your imagination. This system does require some certification to make sure players are familiar with and able to use the Mushi system, but soon ALL players will have access to be able to create their own quests.

With all of this and more planned before the end of February, we’re position to turn this little island of ours into an AMAZING place to live and play in our fantasy worlds–and with Funcom’s upcoming expansion of the island, there’s even more exploring and adventuring to be had, and more lands to tame!  Join us for this adventure–and with the new tools coming, let us join you on yours!

Happy January, everyone!  We’re about to do some amazing things!

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