Our rules are all pretty simple and straightforward, but of course, if you should have any questions or need clarification for anything, please feel welcome to reach out to us on Discord and ask away! In the meantime, here we go! Failure to adhere to the community’s guidelines can result in disciplinary action, up to and including permanent bans. We try not to take things there, and in MOST cases, we’ll do whatever we can to work with people, unless what’s going on is causing harm to people or to the server’s overall health.

General Rules

  1. Hacks, Cheats, and Exploits of any form are strictly prohibited. If you do find an exploit, glitch, etc and report them to staff, you will be paid a bounty. This includes but is not limited to things like item duping, macros and gameplay automation, aimbots, etc. The game is already very easy, and it’s story-focused. Cheating really doesn’t get you anything.
  2. Hate Speech, bigotry, etc are not tolerated, and will be dealt with both swiftly and harshly.
  3. English only in Global Chat. This is the public out-of-character chat channel, and RP rules do not apply.
  4. Local Chat is in-character only. Do not have OOC chit-chat in Local, so that players who wish to roleplay can maintain their scenes. If you don’t wish to use the Global tab for OOC chat, create or join a custom channel.
  5. Do not spam or advertise real-world products or services in ANY chat. WTB/WTS posts in the in-game auction channel are fine.
  6. Don’t type mad. If you’re upset about something and can’t keep your cool, take a break, calm down, and come back. If you need to vent to someone, open a ticket on Discord.
  7. Don’t be a dick to people IRL. Keep in-game and real-life separate.
  8. Be mature and treat other players with respect. There’s no reason for an IC grudge to turn into OOC drama. While our characters might very well hate one another, we are all here as players to have fun–not to be mad, and not to make other people have a bad time. Reading Shadowcraft’s Guide to Antagonist Roleplay is highly recommended.
  9. Character names MUST BE RP-suitable!
  10. Most importantly of all: Go have fun together!

RP Rules

We really don’t want to get in the way of you being able to make the characters you want to play, or the interfere in the sorts of stories you want to tell with those characters. However, there are some very serious considerations that we have to bear in mind while playing with one another in order to make certain that the players behind all of our characters remain comfortable and healthy. Finally, the rules exist to promote and protect players’ immersion, and avoiding engaging in activities that could otherwise ruin someone’s play experience. Working together, we can create a deep, meaningful, and engaging world where we can all live out incredible fantasy adventures through our characters.

  1. No child characters. Period, full stop. If you even need to ask why this is a thing, you’re likely in the wrong place.
  2. Respect other players’ consent sheets. Before taking actions in a scene that can have any lasting repercussions on a character or would otherwise change a player’s experience with their character, take a moment to ask if they’re okay with a scene. That answer is final–do not pressure, cajole, or nag a player into changing their consent. It’s not open for debate. If a player changes their mind later and withdraws consent, respect their wishes, discuss how to resolve the scene in an immersive way, and wrap it up. If they change their mind later and decide that they’re open to the topic(s) in question, they will let you know.
  3. Manage expectations. If you’ve only got a short time for a scene, or there’s a particular goal or arc you want to play out with your character, let your fellow players know, so everyone can set realistic expectations and get the most out of their time.
  4. If you’re hosting a scene or running a story arc, don’t make your character the protagonist. Focus on handling the environment, tending the NPC’s, and telling the story.  Let the players–your audience–enjoy the limelight. Your time will come.
  5. Try stuff. Seriously, that’s all. I don’t expect that every person who shows up here is going to walk in and start churning out character stories that could turn into best-selling novels. I don’t expect that everyone’s going to speel every wurd perfect or that there won’t be tyops or failures? in grammar, from time to time. Do apply a little effort. Let your character get into some danger. Let them show a little weakness, or have some kind of a flaw that gives them flavor. Do try and sharpen up or brighten up your writing and your acting. Not only will this make the environment more enjoyable for other players, you’ll start finding more care and concern for your (and other!) characters, as well as pride in how well you present yourself and rouse the people around you.

Building Rules

  • We use no hard limits to how many of X, Y, or Z a player or clan can have access to.  Instead, we urge all of our players to bear a few thoughts in mind, employ a small handful of common sense rules, and utilize available server settings to work to keep server performance at a fun, acceptable level for all players at all times of day, under any load.
  • Clans are currently capped at 10 players, each.
  • Thralls are currently capped at 60 per clan, plus 10 for each additional player to join the clan.
  • There is no hard limit for a number of building pieces or placeable items, but please remember: NOTHING IS FREE. All of the resources that your base(s) use take away from the resources available to run the server. When building in Conan, in most cases, bear in mind that less is more. To make a memorable, impressive scene is always possible with infinite resources–but to do it with a handful of pocket sand, some duct tape, a smear of paint, and a dream is far more impactful. That said, keep the following things in mind:
    • Each placeable item use their own lighting and calculations, so lots and lots of small detail items in a given scene can have a very big, cumulative impact on server performance.
    • Each lighting item placed casts light over an area, generating lighting information for each building and placeable in range, as well as calculations for shadows. These can add up very quickly. Likewise, anything that generates particle effects–lighting animations like fire, smoke effects, fog, etc–require a pretty big chunk of server resources.
    • Any structure that is so large that it exceeds the lowest tiers for render distance can cause hitches in both the server and the client, as the server has to render such structures in multiple chunks, rather than one large physics object.

Raid/PVP Rules

  • Raid and PVP times are restricted to times when players are online and for a half hour past that.
  • Raids and PVP–including thievery–should be carried out entirely for in-character reasons. Take some time to develop your characters’ personality and motivations, and play appropriately to that. Anyone engaging in theft, whether breaking into a base or simply looting an open crafting bench should leave behind an Infiltrator’s note. Feel welcome to include some interesting text to leave hints, or detail the vulnerability that led to the theft. Players will be able to use their in-game Investigation or Perception skills versus the thief’s Stealth skill to receive hints into the the location or identity of the thieves.
  • If your character is a savage, chaotic murderer, that’s fine–but play it up, be consistent, and remain IC whenever possible! If you want to play a criminal or villain archetype that is perfectly welcome. We strongly recommend taking time to read Shadowcraft’s Guide to Antagonist Roleplay as well, to help make such characters as enjoyable for yourself and others as possible.
  • Avatar Summoning is a big deal, and a fantastic opportunity to kick off roleplay with your allies or enemies. You’re summoning a literal god into the real world:  Seize that opportunity to make such a legendary activity feel appropriately epic. A side note:  Characters that tend to present themselves as agnostic or show themselves without faith may find that the gods do not answer or are greatly displeased at being summoned to the physical world.

A Changing Landscape

Portals offering fast travel, other forms of magic, unique crafting, and changes in the server’s settings will become available as a result of in-game events!  Hunt down lore, participate in story events, and join in the madness of bringing magic into the world of the Exiles!  This is your world. The players’. Collectively, your actions shape what tomorrow holds, and truly, there is nothing off of the table. The only limits are your imagination, and characters’ capabilities. Given time and good, fun IC justification for things being done to shape and change how parts of the world work, even at fundamental levels, anything can be changed by characters.

If there’s ever something that’s just not working for the community or we want to try taking things in different directions with anything from gameplay to raid times to the world setting, let’s talk about it OOC, get a very (very!) loose plan, and let the characters pick up the ball and run with it. Just because I’ve put some buildings, quests, or dungeons in the game doesn’t mean that the world is finished. This isn’t World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy Online where you get what you get. This is Siptah’s Isle, where we all get the chance to BE the “Wow!” It really is up to your imagination. Need a ritual so summon meteors on someone? Let’s roleplay it! Need a ritual to eliminate corruption on the island? What the heck–let’s roleplay it! If it’s within our ability to make the server Do The Thing®, then we’ll make it happen. Our stories dictate the reality.


Currently, the world’s lore dictates that the magic of the bracelets that slaves are given, and their strange relationship with the tower and the Exiled Lands allows for a character to resurrect, albeit weaker, following a death. The creators’ intent was to forge a perfect, permanent prison where not even death served as an escape. There are situations, however, where the bracelet is removed or broken, times when the magic simply fails to work, or other story-appropriate events that lead to the utter demise and Final Death of a character. We welcome players to include Perma-Death as a part of their story arcs where it is appropriate to do so, but we do not currently have, nor plans to have, final death of a character as part of regular gameplay. Any events, quests, and storylines driven by server staff that include the risk of Perma-Death will have the risks clearly stated in advance, and any such activities will be strictly optional. If, as a part of a story arc that you’re engaged in with another player would introduce situations wherein permanent-death were appropriate, please talk about the risks and implications of such things with one another, and above all, make sure both parties are fully consenting to losing a character.

Staff Characters

Members of our staff have characters that they play in the game as well. This is only fair, since they’re pouring a lot of time into creating and managing the world, and they should be able to share in the opportunity to engage with the stories we’re telling together. On the other hand, these players often have access to inside information for quests, where drops are located, or intimate OOC information about another character’s home locations, etc., and it is extremely important to maintain trust and integrity in that system, so there is no fear or concern about improper behavior. In order to mitigate any risk of metagaming or unfair play, characters played by staff members operate under the following rules of engagement:

  1. No staff character will initiate a raid against another player’s base, and will not share any information with any player, clanmate, etc., that has not been clearly, expressly learned during actual gameplay.
  2. Staff characters will not pick up hidden items or special drops until another character on the server has displayed knowledge of that item or location, nor should they inform characters of those locations, allowing for players to enjoy discovery and exploration on their own.
  3. If a staff character is suspected of wrongdoing, these actions can be reported to another member staff, and that character’s actions, inventory, etc., as appropriate to the concern of wrongdoing can be audited by another member of staff, 2 neutral third parties, and the accuser, in order to make certain that no wrongdoing has occurred, and if it is found to have occurred, appropriate actions will be taken to resolve the problem(s) swiftly and restore trust in server management.