Our rules are all pretty simple and straightforward, but of course, if you should have any questions or need clarification for anything, please feel welcome to reach out to us on Discord and ask away!  In the meantime, here we go!  Failure to adhere to the community’s guidelines can result in disciplinary action, up to and including permanent bans!

General Rules

  1. Hacks, Cheats, and Exploits of any form are strictly prohibited.  If you do find an exploit, glitch, etc and report them to staff, you will be paid a bounty!
  2. English only in Global Chat.  This is the out-of-character chat channel, and RP rules do not apply.
  3. Local Chat is in-character only.  Do not have OOC chit-chat in Local, so that players who wish to roleplay can maintain their scenes.
  4. Do not spam or advertise real-world products or services in ANY chat.   WTB/WTS posts in-game are fine.
  5. Hate Speech, bigotry, etc are not tolerated, and will be dealt with both swiftly and harshly.
  6. Don’t type mad.  If you’re upset about something and can’t keep your cool, take a break, calm down, and come back. If you need to vent to someone, open a ticket on Discord.
  7. Don’t be a dick to people IRL.  Keep in-game and real-life separate.
  8. Be mature and treat other players with respect.  There’s no reason for an IC grudge to turn into OOC drama.
  9. Character names MUST BE RP-suitable!
  10. Most importantly of all:  Go have fun!

Raiding Rules

  • Raid and PVP times are restricted to afternoons on the weekend temporarily.  Raiding & PVP area available from noon until 8pm.
  • Raids and PVP should be carried out entirely for in-character reasons.  Take some time to develop your characters’ personality and motivations, and play appropriately to that.
  • If your character is a savage, chaotic murderer, that’s fine–but play it up, be consistent, and remain IC whenever possible!
  • Avatar summoning will become available as a result of in-game events!  Hunt down lore, participate in weekend events, and join in the madness of bringing the gods to walk in the world of the Exiles!