Update #3: The Character Customization Update

Refugees of the Torn Veil
Update #3:  The Character Customization Update
7 December, 2020

Patch Notes can be downloaded in PDF here.

Mods Added:

  • RP Aesthetics – Adds additional character features
  • RA Accessories – Adds a number of inventory slot for custom gear displays such as quivers, backpacks, jewelry, etc
  • Akuba Salon – Adds hundreds of custom hair styles. These are seriously amazing. Physics, art, styling. Just WOW.
  • Barbaric Barber – Adds hundreds of custom hair styles.
  • No Steam ID – No more SteamID or FuncomID under your characters’ names.
  • Placeable Pets RP – Display adult and baby pets to display your companions without taking up thrall slots.
  • Hosav’s Pets Extended – More pet options for rare and specialty pets, as well as more animal companions.
  • Custom Stats RPG Dice – (Access with Shift+R) Adds RPG stats, dice, an RP consent sheet, and custom status displays.
  • Immersive Warpaints – Adds more warpaint options.
  • Stoja’s Warpaints – Adds more warpaint options.
  • VeloX-Tattoos – Turns everyone into a dragon with infinite gold. OR it adds more warpaint options.

Mods Removed:

  • None

Changed Features:

  • Death Penalties are Updated.
    • Death Tax reduced from 10% to 3%
    • Player Deaths after Level 25 will now increase corruption by 10% with each death, up to a maximum of 75%.
    • Player Deaths after Level 25 will now damage equipment by 10%, down to a minimum of 10% of the items’ durability.
  • SteamID and FuncomID will no longer display under character names.
  • Structure Decay has been disabled, manual abandonment has been added.
    • Instead of having the server destroy buildings based on how long players have been online or offline, we will now be using a manual system of finding and handling abandoned buildings.
    • If a building appears to be abandoned, place an Infiltrator’s Wall Sign at or near the entrance to the structure, and report it on Discord in the #ooc-abandoned-buildings channel. Note the day’s date on your sign.
    • A member of staff will check on the building’s ownership, and if no one from that clan has been online in 14 days, we will make an effort to know that their building has been found abandoned.
    • 30 days past this date, if no updates are received, the building will be flagged as abandoned. From this point, it will be opened for “archaeological exploration” or “excavation” as “ruins.” This means that it can be breached and explored with raid tools, but the exploration and such should still be carried out in-character. 30 days following being marked as abandoned, these structures will be removed from the game in order to free up the land claimed by those structures.

New Features:

  • Lamentation Stones are being added to special locations such as towns. Deaths in/near these areas do not incur death penalties other than the death tax. Especially holy sites will also serve to remove corruption.
  • Theft is now classified under PVP, and subject to PVP-RP rules.
    • Prior to stealing an item from someone, whether through kicking down the door and barging in, or scooping them up from an unlocked thrall wheel, you will need to place down an Infiltrator Note or Infiltrator Sign. Leave some information regarding the circumstances of your theft, and this will dictate any adjustments to your stealth rolls, or the investigating characters trying to get clues about the theft. These will typically be contested Stealth or Sleight of Hand vs Perception rolls, and handled double-blind through a Game Master. Depending upon the degrees of success in the Perception rolls, investigators may get additional clues as to who robbed them or where they are located. Each subsequent roll will be more difficult than the previous roll, should multiple rolls be taken to try and identify/track the thief/thieves.

New Content:

  • Hair styles increased from 32 to 133.
  • Makeup options increased from 110 to nearly 8,000.
  • Over 1,000 new clothing, jewelry, and accessory options, most of which are crafted.
  • New RPG Dice system to allow for your characters to have options other than words and swords.
    • Later will include more dice options, more customization, etc. This mod is under active development.
    • Allows for customization of weapons and armor to improve stats/rolls for the stats system.
    • Consent Sheets to let other players know what your comfort limits are with different types of scenes. View consent sheets of other players with the radial context menu.
    • Optional character status messages can be displayed under your nameplate.
  • Hundreds of new customization options for character appearance, including body modifications, piercings, jewelry, optional bags, belts, quivers, satchels, etc. These are all a part of the new accessory system.
    • There are methods for displaying glowing eyes. Bear in mind that the only things in lore that have these glowing eyes to date are the Corrupted monsters on the island. Wear them at your discretion, but bear in mind that they’re a sign of deep, deep infusion with Corruption.
  • Dozens of new cosmetic pets, several of them with multiple skins and animations.
  • Dozens of new combat pets. Some of these will be available for purchase, but most will be won through quest rewards or dungeon/raid loot.

Known Issues:

  • The number of customizations we have are causing some cosmetic mods to not entirely play nicely together. It may take a little bit of work between Vanity Tables, IQoL’s customization menu, and the vanilla Vanity Basin to get all of the different features you want added onto the character.(Example: In testing, I had to use the Emberlight vanity to set my hairline options, but could not see all of my hair styles. I could change all the hair styles in IQoL, but not the hairline. Colors are sort of all over the place.)While this isn’t the most user-friendly option, sort of makes sense that it takes time and different tools to get s look “just right.”
  • Some of the pets have broken textures. They’re horrible. I’ll avoid putting those in the wild wherever possible, and messages have been sent off to the mod authors in order to try and resolve the texture problems.
  • Character previews have issues where physics are Breasts in particular appear to defy gravity and all physics in previews. For the time being, we’re leaving character customization on a zero cooldown timer and free, since previews are dodgy at best.
  • Body Oil seems hit or miss with all the new custom textures. We’re investigating a fix, but no ETA
  • While using the Emberlight Vanity, each change you make on the character will return your clothes onto the character. The best way to paint the body until we can find a better fix is to just get nekkid.
  • The Accessory system has slots for horns, tails, special ears, etc. This is to be compatible with their fantasy mods; those options don’t exist in our game.

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