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Welcome to Serenity Valley Gaming’s Conan: The Exiled and the Damned!  This is an RP/PVP server for Conan Exiles, featuring a continuous struggle between various ruinous powers who seek to control and exploit the Exiled Lands, where player decisions and actions will plot the course of the lands, lifting them up to new heights of riches and civilizations, or razing the entire region, laying it to ruin and harvesting the souls of the fallen. We’re a non-toxic, friendly gaming community that seeks to foster fun, fair gameplay, encourage meaningful RP story arcs, and maintain a mature, hate-free environment.  This is a difficult balance to maintain in a world that’s made up murder, dark magic, double-crossing, and slavery, but together, we can make this both the most engaging and enjoyable Conan Exiles community in the West!


The Exiled and the Damned is built to offer players 3 pre-designed factions, each with their own stories and motivations, including weekly events, quests, and more–including the pillaging and plunder of rival factions.  Players and clans can also opt to be unaligned, seeking to stake their own claim in the Exiled Lands and rise above the squabbles of these predatory outsiders. In addition to the base gameplay of Conan Exiles, we offer a kit system that enables players to automate some of the more tedious game tasks, exchanging hard-won money in-game for hirelings that will go forth and gather raw materials for them. The game also features a thriving economy that pulls from the in-game money, as well as the virtual currencies offered through the Pippi Mod. There are also kits available for our subscribers as a way to say “Thank you!” for helping to keep the server funded, and thus, alive.  If you’d prefer not to pay, that’s fine, too!  The subscriber kits focus on time-savers and cosmetics only, as we prefer to focus on panache and convenience, rather than allowing for a Pay to Win environment to grow under our care.


Currently, the only mod on the server is Pippi, as it allows us the tools to manage the economy, write new quests, and create meaningful, interesting scenes and adventure sites, as well as presenting even more ways to improve your immersion in the world and opportunities for role play and player conflict!


  • Mr. Disproportionate Response — Head Storyteller, server GM
  • Mako — Storyteller, Builder, and server Admin

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