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Find exotic wares, crafted by survivors or reclaimed from wrecked ships.

Welcome to Serenity Valley Gaming’s Conan: Refugees of the Torn Veil!  This is an RP/PVP server for Conan Exiles, featuring an ongoing persistent world with a story continued from The Exiled Lands, where a continuous struggle between various ruinous powers who sought to control and exploit those lands has spilled over onto Siptah’s Isle. Join the survivors and refugees from the Exiled Lands they work to explore and settle this strange new land and contend with creatures from other realms and face the terrors left behind from previous expeditions–as well as uncover the ongoing schemes of those who ruined the world in the first place. Player decisions and actions plot the course of the island, lifting those players up to new heights of riches and civilizations, or razing the entire region, laying it to ruin and unleashing unknowable otherworldly terrors on an unprepared Hyboria. We’re a non-toxic, friendly gaming community that seeks to foster fun, fair gameplay, encourage meaningful RP story arcs, and maintain a mature, hate-free environment. This is a difficult balance to maintain in a world that’s made up murder, dark magic, double-crossing, and slavery, but together, we can make this both one of the most engaging and enjoyable Conan Exiles communities available!


Refugees of the Torn Veil is built to offer players 2 pre-designed factions, each with their own stories and motivations, including monthly events, custom quests, unique dungeons, and more–including the pillaging and plunder of rival factions. Players and clans can also opt to be unaligned, seeking to stake their own claim on Siptah’s Isle and rise above the squabbles of these predatory outsiders. In addition to the base gameplay of Conan Exiles, we offer multiple hand-crafted towns that will grow and improve (or crumble!) over time, in response to player actions. The game also features a thriving economy that pulls from the in-game money, as well as the virtual currencies offered through the Pippi Mod. Finally, we also offer some extra kits available for our subscribers as a way to say “Thank you!” for helping to keep the server funded, and thus, alive.  If you’d prefer not to pay, that’s fine, too! The subscriber kits focus on time-savers and cosmetics only, as we prefer to focus on panache and convenience, rather than allowing for a Pay to Win environment to grow under our care. From weapons to armor, palisades to pets, all of the crunchy stuff comes from playing the game, and not something that players can purchase with real-world funds.


Nearly a year past in the Exiled Lands of the Black Kingdoms, the exiled, damned prisoners of that land uncovered a horrific plot by a powerful necromancer to harvest the lingering essence from the Ghost Fence of the Exiled Lands.  For months, they struggled against the legions of undead raised by these cruel masters, finally unmasking the members of their cult as they stopped a grand ritual intended to lure one of the Old Gods into this world, to tear down the barrier between our world and theirs, to kill that ancient being, and through their necromancy, control it. This bid for extreme power ended in failure–but not between the barrier between worlds–The Veil–was fractured. With the Veil weakened and disrupted, worshipers of the gods of the land felt their connections empowered to levels never known before. Worship and grand displays of sacrifice could rouse avatars of the gods to stalk the land, leaving wonder and destruction in their wake. Still, with the cosmological barriers between realms weakened, the very structures of the heavens began to crumble, and more and more demons poured into the Exiled Lands from between 


Though the cult was thwarted, their master, known simply as The Other, was never found. Storms began to ravage the lands, the sea grew violent, and it became clear that something alien, 

something worse than evil had been unleashed, and was spreading. A plan was put into action, and using rituals and strange magics of the cult, which would allow the Exiles to flee. Hundreds of men and women, thralls and free workers alike, took to the jungles, felling great trees, and making ready a massive ship to carry the exiles north to Argos, to warn them of the impending dangers that had been unleashed. Their heroism was met, however, with great disaster. Six nights into their journey, a great storm lashed the ship, whipping its decks and tearing down its great masts. Most were lost to the sea, but some few–we dare not call them lucky–washed ashore on an island long lost to legend. Siptah’s Isle. 

In ages past, expeditions from Stygia had pinned hopes on this island as a new colony and a place for wealth, excess, and growth, only to find that it had another, prior inhabitant, the wizard Siptah. Under the influence of great storms and the the demons drawn into this world by the storms, the Stygian colonies did not last long. Now, their ruins prove the source of great treasures and danger to the refugees, being full of the crafts and undead former inhabitants. Worse still, the ritual of the Other has awakened some great force in the tower, causing the storms on the island to become more and more severe, and less predictable, creating wild surges of powerful chaotic energy that is ripping both men and beast from the Exiled Lands and dropping them here on the island. With the growing danger of the storms, an inability to escape, and some hint that The Other is not only still alive, but active on the island, the refugees on this island must both face a dangerous new land and the ambitious leaders of rival towns on the coast, but the very real threat of the unraveling of reality itself!


Not everything on the island is a savage wasteland. Newcomers hoping for a brighter future struggle to carve out small pockets of peace and civility in this wild land.

We have a list of several mods that help to expand your options for building, character customization, and additional tools to help the server’s storytellers create exciting custom content. As we are still actively developing the server, our mod list is incomplete, being thoroughly tested and vetted on our test server before being moved to the live server. The current play list can always be accessed with a Steam collection you can subscribe to here, as well as copy of the modlist.txt file, which you can find here. The current list of mods is:

  • 300 Level – by l-emerge
  • Trinkets_n_Tunes – by Epiphany IV
  • Pippi – User & Server Management – by Joshtech
  • Lament – by Emberlight
  • Dudes Delightful Decoration – by TheDude
  • Deco & Placeables – by Asghaard
  • Glass Constructions and more – by l-emerge
  • DungeonMasterTools – by Epiphany IV
  • Fashionst – by Testerle
  • Emberlight – by Emberlight
  • IMMERSE RP: Fright Night – by TeCh
  • IMMERSE RP: Buildings & Placeables Decor – by TeCh
  • Thrall War Decorations – by torkatla
  • Thrall War Dungeon Mod – by torkatla
  • Lemurian Architect – by Warrior J
  • Ravencrest Couriers – by Thraxerrrr
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions – by Multigun
  • Improved Quality of Life – by Muzlu Pasta


  • Mr. Disproportionate Response — Head Storyteller, server GM
  • Mako — Storyteller, Builder, and server Admin

Connection Information

Find us online as “Refugees of the Torn Veil” under the Player vs Player, RolePlaying, Modded selection.  You can also directly connect via the Direct Connect button at  If you have any trouble connecting or have questions about the server, please reach out to the @staff on Discord.

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